The high-quality international corporate finance training is much more than an education program. Companies and executives who join it also have opportunities to build relationships with European firms of similar sizes and activities, as well as with investors, representatives of commercial banks and meeting stock exchange experts.

Much more than an education program


The goal of the ELITE-BSE partnership

  • A program that supports access of companies to external financing, a comprehensive training that develops corporate financial culture and shapes executives' attitudes
  • It provides management and finance knowledge and a network which makes entreprises competitive internationally and opens the road to external funding through stock exchanges and other methods
  • Supporting companies in the next development steps

With bringing the ELITE program to Hungary, BSE allows Hungarian companies to enter a program that has proved itself in Europe and was tailored to the local context. Executives of Hungarian companies expecting fast growth can learn new information from the presenters and the other participants in multiple ways. The training is ran in cooperation with business schools and industry players (universities, banks, investment service providers, corporate finance and other consultants, accountants, law firms etc.). The topics of the program takes into account not only international best practices, but also local characteristics in relation to investor expectations, market environment, as well as tax and legal issues.

More information about ELITE program:


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