Tranzit - Szabó Miklós ügyvezető

Miklós Szabómanaging director


In addition to certain crop production, the Group is predominantly engaged in waterfowl - duck and goose - breeding. Its core business activities include the complete integration and processing of waterfowl ranging from breeding, hatching, feed mixing, raising, slaughtering, processing and sales.

As a result of constant developments and the rapid integration of international methods and experiences, and subject to a high-level compliance with the criteria of food hygiene and animal welfare, Tranzit Group has grown to a major player of the sector by now. It owns a 60 per cent share in the volume of meat-type goose production and has been a leader in the production of ducks in Hungary. Tranzit Group has been profitable ever since its establishment, and it continues reinvesting into further developments

Within Tranzit Group, Tranzit-Ker zRt., takes the agricultural spectrum of the business; it is the proprietor and operator of a hatchery, two feed mixers and over 50 poultry farms. Meat processing is undertaken by Tranzit-Food Kft., an integrated producer and distributor of goose and duck products. Through its global commercial contacts, it supplies its fresh and frozen products to stores of major retail chains all over the world (include - but are not limited to - Germany, Austria, Great-Britain, France, Slovakia, Denmark, Spain and Italy in Europe; Japan, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Canada and South Africa overseas).


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