The nominal value of the compensation note is the sum of the denomination of the compensation note (the amount indicated on it) and of the accrued interests on it. The compensation note is an interest-bearing security with a special interest calculation: interest was paid for the period from August 10, 1991 to December 31, 1994, the interest rate was 75% of the central bank's prime rate.

Holding compensation notes entitles the bearer to the following:

  • Purchase of assets, shares, and business stakes offered for sale within the framework of the privatisation of state property;
  • Acquisition of the ownership of agricultural land.
  • Purchase of residential property owned by local municipalities (where it was accepted in lieu of cash, at nominal value).
  • Based on the legal regulations on the Existence Loans, acceptance at nominal value as own contribution at borrowing.
  • Exchange for a life annuity within the social security system, upon request of the person entitled to the compensation (exchanged for the compensation notes).