Name of the fund 


Fund type

Open and, public, index tracking, exhange traded


BUX Index

Place of registration



Budapest Stock Exchange

Date of listing

December 13, 2006

Fund manager

OTP Fund Management Pte. Ltd.

Market maker

OTP Bank Ltd.


OTP Bank Ltd.

Base currency


Minimum trading size 

1 unit

Unit size

HUF 25.000



Net Asset Value

Published every 5 seconds by Budapest Stock Exchange

Management fee

50 bp

Total expense ratio

ca. 54 bp

Maximum market maker bid-ask spread

Mid price +/-0.5% or lower

Why the BUX Index?

The BUX index has been the official blue-chip index of the Budapest Stock Exchange since 1991.

  • Free-float weightings - The Budapest Stock Exchange was one of the first in the world to change over from a total market capitalisation base when it adopted the free float base in October 1999.
  • Dividends are reinvested - The BUX index is a Total Return Index, and dividends paid by companies in the basket are reinvested in that company’s shares.
  • Full market coverage - The BUX index represents 94% of the total market capitalisation and 99% of market turnover of Budapest Stock Exchange.
  • Real-time calculation - The BUX is calculated in real time by the BSE every five seconds based on the actual market prices of a basket of shares.
  • Derivatives market support - The BUX index is the underlying product for the most liquid futures and option instruments on BSE.