With the expansion of the product range and a globalisation of capital markets, up-to-date background information on exchange-traded instruments plays an ever important role. This includes: data on the issuer and the listed security, such as listed amount, information on dividend or interest payments, etc.

BSE provides investors with a wide range of reference data, including:

  • data used for product identification: ISIN, ticker code, product name, product type;
  • date of listing and expiry, maturity, first and last trading days;
  • face value, listed quantity;
  • yield information, interest, size and date of dividend payments, reimbursement;
  • information on the issuer.

Reference data are ensured by the BSE through several channels and platforms:

Reference data via vendors

At the end of each trading day, in the end-of-day data stock made available for vendors, BSE sends a large range of reference data on all products admitted to trading on the next exchange day. Such information is available for download in the usual vendor file format, making it easy for vendors to process the information and to update the databases automatically on a daily basis.

These same data appear once more in the morning hours of the next trading day, at the beginning of the real-time vendor file.

Detailed information on the reference data content of the end-of-day data file is available in the BSE Information Packages document.

As for the scope and accessibility of reference data available at present in the services provided by BSE vendors, please contact the vendors directly.

Reference data on BSE FTP

BSE also allows the download of reference data stocks included in the vendor data flow separately on an FTP server.

For further details on the service, please contact the BSE Vendor Relations team.

Reference data on WBAG FTP

The Reference Data available in XETRA Trading system can be downloaded on WBAG FTP.

Reference data on the BSE website

The BSE website makes up-to-date reference data on traded products available to all visitors in several forms.

The list of all exchange products admitted to trading on a given day, together with their main characteristics, can be downloaded in a table format. The official Product List of the BSE is also available.

A large scale of reference data, trading statistics and charts is available for individual products.

For more information on the provision of reference data, please contact the BSE Vendor Relations team.