The Budapest Stock Exchange signs information distribution agreements, so-called vendor agreements, with data service companies under uniform terms and conditions. Everybody who wishes to distribute BSE trading data either to end-users or to other data service providers shall sign this agreement, whether the data is received directly from the server of the Exchange, or from another data vendor.

For the use of BSE trading data and their transmission, the vendors pay different fees, set in a uniform manner: an annual licence fee, an annual technical connection fee and monthly variable fees.

BSE offers trading data to its data vendors in information packages with predetermined content. All data packages for selection by the vendors cover all BSE markets (cash market, derivatives, commodities) and all traded products; they also contain the values of all BSE indices.

BSE provides access to trading data in the form of a special vendor data flow. Any vendor can opt to receive this data flow directly from the BSE or from another contracted BSE data vendor. For further information please consult our technical guidelines.

BSE offers further information and downloadable materials for its contracted vendors in the Vendors only section.

Forwarding of BSE data to end-users

Real-time data (other than real-time values of the BUX and BUMIX indices) can be transmitted exclusively to end-users who have concluded a subscriber agreement with a vendor for BSE data. The vendor shall make real-time data available solely in a controlled environment after the identification of the end-user. The vendor shall pay a monthly variable fee to the BSE after the number of devices displaying real-time data or the number of end-users having access to real-time information.

Data service providers can forward the real-time values of the BUX and BUMIX indices, as well as any delayed and end-of-day data to their end-users without the conclusion of a subscriber agreement and payment of monthly fees. Vendors can provide this data on their own internet platforms available to the public free of charge; on websites of third parties they can present the data subject to the payment of a monthly fee.

For more information on the provision of trading data, please contact the BSE Vendor Relations team.