1. an application to join one or more exchange sections, specifically stating the name of the stock exchange product/ product group the applicant wishes to trade in,
  2. an official document no more than 15 days old, certifying that the applicant is a  registered company legally operating at the address given as its registered office,
  3. a permit from a competent supervisory or other authority certifying that the applicant is in possession of a supervisory document or other document of authorization stating that the applicant is entitled to trade in the given stock exchange product,
  4. when necessary, a certification from a supervisory or other competent authority that the Applicant is entitled to provide services extending beyond national borders,
  5. certification that the applicant can ensure the clearing of the stock exchange products in the given area
    1. For an applicant for clearing membership, a certification from the clearing organization of clearing membership and of having opened the necessary accounts and having fulfilled all additional conditions for clearing transactions,
    2. An applicant for sub-clearing membership will need:
      1. A general clearing member’s statement that it has concluded a clearing contract with the sub-clearing member and that the general clearing member will serve as a guarantor for the transactions of the sub-clearing member, and
      2. A statement from the organization handing the clearing confirming that the general clearing member is in fact a clearing member,
  6. an applicant for sub-clearing membership will submit a declaration from a general clearing member for whom it performs the clearing services, in accordance with the Regulations on Exchange Membership,
  7. an authorization of at least one trader dealing with the given stock exchange product or products  in keeping with the regulations regarding trading in the given section,
  8. certification of the existence of the technical conditions needed to trade in the given stock exchange product or products,
  9. certification of having paid the annual minimum fee set for the given section,
  10. an official declaration or a statement certifying that the contents of the attached declarations and documents are true and that the Applicant has not left out any information that would be necessary to pass a substantive ruling on the membership application.

An exchange member can settle with KELER Ltd. as a clearing member or as a sub-clearing member.

Clearing membership is granted by a clearing agreement concluded with KELER Ltd.

A sub-clearing member needs a clearing agreement with a general clearing member and a statement of unconditional liability whereby the general clearing member guarantees the performance of the transactions of the sub-clearing member that has a clearing agreement in place and ensures that the transactions of the sub-clearing member are cleared in conformity with the rules of the Exchange and KELER rules.

A sub-clearing member may have only one effective clearing agreement in place with a single general clearing member, whilst the latter may have clearing agreements with several sub-clearing members at any point in time.