By publishing the following documents, the BSE intends to provide support to the Stock Exchange Members for the Xetra - T7 trading system version change (developed by Deustsche Boerse and provided by Wiener Borse). These documents are published only for information purposes and BSE reserves the right to modify them. These documents are not yet finalised: their contents might be modified and further documents might be added to the list.

Based on the contents of these documents no claim can be enforced.

The Legal notice available on the BSE website shall also apply to these documents.


Descriptions, Information on T7  
Presentations of the member forum Download 22 November 2018
 Preliminary technical and functional descriptions prepared by DBAG and WBAG Download  24 October 2018
CEESEG FIX Delivery Notes 17.2 (Specification, Delivery Notes, XML) Download 31 October 2018
Further WBAG and DBAG documents Download 15 February 2019

CEESEG FIX Delivery Notes 17.2 Update 1 (Specification, Delivery Notes, XML)

Download 19 February 2019
T7 simulation schedule and WBAG pricing Download 20 February 2019
T7 SIMU Calendar Download 21 February 2019
CEESEG FIX Delivery Notes 17.2 Update 3 (Specification, Delivery Notes, XML) Download 20 March 2019

Information on prolongation of T7 project

Download 3 April 2019
T7 7.1 interface specifications and manuals (including CEESEG FIX) Download 2 May 2019
BSE member information (SIMU environments, project milestones) Download 20 May 2019
Simulation information Download 26 June 2019
T7 7.1 release notes and functional reference Download 10 July 2019

CEE Trader, CEESEG FIX Simulation environment separation

Download 16 August 2019
T7 8.0 Interface manuals Download 26 August 2019
CEESEG FIX Technical Focus Days, Failover Guide Download 27 August 2019
T7 8.0 Preliminary Release Notes and Functional Reference Download 27 August 2019
T7 8.0 Final Release Notes Download 3 September 2019
Test Books Download 3 September 2019
T7 8.0 Focus Day Guide Download 18 September 2019
T7 8.0 Instrument Reference Data Guide Download 25 September 2019
T7 8.0 Release Notes – BSE specific changes Download 26 September 2019
T7 8.0 CEESEG FIX Specification Download 4 October 2019
T7 Project Timeline Download 8 October 2019
BSE T7 GO LIVE member task list Download 9 October 2019
BSE Member Forum Slides Download 11 October 2019


Rules and regulation