The primary aim of Hungarian Day, organized for the first time in Warsaw by the Budapest Stock Exchange and Wood & Company, is to give Polish investors who are already active on the Hungarian market a chance to speak in person with the companies they already know and meet with other companies listed on the BSE as well. Due to their regional proximity, Polish institutional investors are already familiar with the Hungarian market. It is for that very reason that they show significant interest in the mid-cap companies, and not just in the largest-cap concerns. The BSE’s international relations experts will be on hand to present the investment opportunities available on the Hungarian capital market, as well as current developments at the BSE.

At the event, institutional investors will be able to meet with Hungarian blue chip companies MOL and OTP, while mid-cap companies will be represented by the leaders of Alteo, Duna House and Graphisoft Park. In the course of more than 50 meetings scheduled for the day, Polish investors and several major Western-European investors will obtain first-hand information about Hungarian companies listed on the BSE.

The Warsaw roadshow for investors fits in with the BSE’s 2016-2020 strategy. One of the aims of this strategy is to promote opportunities to invest in Hungarian listed companies on international forums, and to thus reach new investors in 2017 as well.

The performance of the BSE has been exceptional – not just at the regional, but also at the international level – for the last few years, as the BUX has been listed among the top 5 best-performing stock ex-change indices for the last two years, all of which provides an excellent background for this event.

Budapest Stock Exchange Ltd.

The most important mission of the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE), a stock exchange of more than 150 years of history and re-established in 1990, is to provide a transparent and liquid market for Hungarian and foreign securities. On 20 November 2015, the National Bank of Hungary (NBH) concluded a purchase agreement with the former owners of the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE). As a result of this transaction, NBH became the qualified majority shareholder of BSE, with a share of 77%. Based on this transaction a five-year strategy plan was developed by Budapest Stock Exchange. One of the main objectives of the strategy for the period 2016-2020 is to develop and implement of a comprehensive development program regarding not only the Hungarian Stock Exchange but the stock market as well. Above this aim, other target is to attract the domestic and the international vendors and investors too. BSE focuses on a basic target, namely it wants become the most important platform of the competitive, successful domestic companies. As a new owner of the Budapest Stock Exchange, MNB as the central bank of Hungary and the Hungarian Government also support the achievement of these objectives.