The Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) as the key institution of the domestic capital market is committed toward its effective and sustainable development. The elaboration of better capital market mechanisms for corporate financing, creation of innovative platforms to improve financial literacy and restore investors’ confidence are among the key instruments to achieve this goal with the main target to foster long term economic growth.

We are persuaded that every single forint invested in sport facilities, especially  considering the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games at a national economic level would lead to infrastructure and transport development, job creation and tourism boom, while for all of us would mean unforgettable moments cheering loudly for the national team, would be an extra motivation for our children to engage in sports, would represent a great honor for our athletes, and foremost Hungary’s reputation, and our outstanding sport culture would be recognized world-wide.

We therefore support the candidature of Budapest to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games and would be pleased to contribute to its excellence and success for the people of Budapest, Hungary and the world.

We hope this will help strengthen the candidature of Budapest and wish the Budapest 2024 good luck in its endeavour for a successful application.