The call for applications to finance the public listing of IPO-ready SMEs active in less developed regions has been announced. The primary objective of the second part of the programme, implemented as part of the Széchenyi 2020 programme, is to support the IPO preparation of companies with rapid growth potential that are open to transparent operation in the public arena, and which are ready for and undertake listing on the Xtend (MTF) platform, specialising in the domestic regulated market or the SME sector, within 18 months of application.

The BSE provides companies that meet the criteria set out in the Call for Applications, as published on the website, with non-refundable grants (at 50% intensity), subject to the availability of funds. Furthermore, the BSE also ensures the involvement in the programme of a mentor supporting the selected SMEs in preparing for public listing.

Companies can start applying to the programme from mid-March. The submitted grant applications will be evaluated by BSE experts based on compliance with content, format and eligibility-related criteria and, based on the contracts concluded, the SMEs awarded grants can account for costs and expenses directly related to public listing.

More information on the programme and the terms of application is available here