The spring term of the ELITE Programme was opened in London at a trading opening ceremony in the end of April, and 7 Hungarian companies joined this time. Together with the newly joining companies, the ELITE International group has 24 Hungarian companies, an outstanding number, which participate in the business development programme including more than 1,100 companies from 42 countries and 36 sectors globally to share best practices and learn about local specificities. Similarly to the previously joining companies, newly joining ones also have various profiles; they represent, among others, agriculture and the food industry, information and communication technologies, industrial products and services, real-estate and construction industries.

By introducing the ELITE Programme, the Budapest Stock Exchange does not only provide current, up-to-date and practically oriented knowledge for the participating companies through international examples and approaches, but also prepares them for Hungarian specificities such as investor expectations, market environment, taxation or legal aspects, with supplementary Hungarian modules.
BSE offers eligible companies cost reimbursement from EU funds.

BSE—in cooperation with, among others, UniCredit Bank, Budapest Bank and CIB Bank—gave presentations for interested companies during the application period of the ELITE Programme.

There is a great deal of interest in the Programme; this autumn will see the launching of a new group for which BSE is already receiving applications. Companies interested in the Programme may read every information on the BSE website; those who have already decided to join the programme may submit their application to the elite@bse.hu email address.

“Our key goal with the ELITE Programme is that as many Hungarian companies as possible can access international, high-quality training on management and financing and that we improve the competitive edge of these companies. The newly joining companies are fast-growing, innovative businesses which, in our opinion, will get to the next level of their development by completing the Programme”, said Mr. István Máté-Tóth, deputy CEO of the Budapest Stock Exchange.

The newly joining companies are:

CoreComm SI Kft.

The Company was founded in the United States as CoreComm Solution Inc. and has had its representative office in Hungary, CoreComm SI, since 2001. The Hungarian subsidiary specialises in two business lines, protection solutions and associated equipment, and secure uninterruptible power supply.

Kométa 99 Zrt.

As one of the largest companies in the Hungarian meat industry, Kométa 99 does not only increase its revenues every year but also pays special attention to the quality of its products, compliance with the guidelines on healthy nutrition, and the environment—the latter means that their production and infrastructural equipment meet the best available technology requirements in order to minimise emissions.

ELME Automatika Kft.

ELME Automatika Kft. has extensive experience in the designing and manufacturing of product-specific devices, special-purpose machines, assembly lines, and testing equipment. Their projects have large scopes stretching from the development of the technology required by the client to delivering turn-key systems.

Via Bérautó Kft.

The company leases commercial vehicles and has a fleet of 1,200 vehicles, including everything from pickup trucks through conventional trucks to trailer trucks. In addition to their wide range, they also provide flexible leasing schemes, comprehensive paperwork and short servicing times.

Somogyi Elektronic Kft.

The company of the Somogyi family in Győr is one of the largest electronics wholesalers in Hungary. Their sales strategy focuses on approaching users through retailers; they, therefore, have about 2,000 partners both in Hungary and abroad.

Gulyás Tüzép – GSV Kft.

One of the leading building material and ceramics companies in Hungary with more than 27 years of experience. They provide professional assistance for builders and renovators with high quality service packages from design to construction. They also retail and wholesale a wide range of building materials, wallpapers, paints, tiles and floorings, bathtubs, shower cabins, sanitaryware, faucets, bathroom furniture and accessories.

Mortoff Kft.

An established IT consultant and provider. Their activities include a range of services from consultation through development and testing to comprehensive project management; their solutions always go beyond the defined requirements in order to explore new business opportunities for their partners.


About the ELITE Programme

The Programme was started in Italy; it now, however, has companies from outside Europe, including the United States, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Kenya, as well. Hungarian companies have had the opportunity to join the community since 2017, thanks to the cooperation of the Budapest Stock Exchange and the subsidiary of the London Stock Exchange Group, ELITE SpA. Its aim is not only to familiarise participants with the forms of long-term capital financing but also to familiarise company managers with corporate management methods, deepen financial literacy, offer networking opportunities, increase company visibility and to increase brand value.

The two-year international training in English offers both online programmes and ones that require in-person attendance and is realised in the cooperation of business schools and industry players (universities, banks, investment providers, corporate finance and other consultants, auditors, law firms, etc.). In addition, enterprises can learn about the specificities of corporate management and financing in Hungary with supplementary modules in Hungarian, and they can also network. Applications are not personal, but the company itself participates in the Programme; the thematic modules, such as strategy making, business valuation, are attended by the relevant managers of the companies.