Budapest Stock Exchange deems it important to showcase these companies, which allows for all of us to find inspiration from their various stories. This nation has always been famous for its inventions and innovations. I am sure that there are several other promising companies which are not included in this publication, perhaps because the entrepreneurial minds behind them are only now contemplating to form a company, but they may appear on our pages next year or a year after.

In today’s global competition, it is of vital importance that leading knowledge, innovations and production centres are formed in Hungary and that a large number of companies perform a leap forward in corporate development. We are on the right track towards our targets – that’s what this publication greatly illustrates. The goal is to ensure that the development of Hungarian-based regional companies promotes sustainable economic growth.

In our opinion, the access to capital and credit is a key factor for the growth targets of domestic companies. Budapest Stock Exchange is willing to contribute to the success of the process with its own toolkit. Our mission is to facilitate a significant growth of capital raises carried out via listings on the Hungarian market within the course of the next five years, duly supplementing the currently overrepresented instrument of bank financing. BSE is aimed at becoming the most prominent platform of domestic companies. We do not only rely on large companies; we have already identified 300 small-and-medium-sized companies (many of which are also displayed in this publication) which have a sound financial, business and managerial background as well as excellent growth perspectives. The success of these companies serves the interests of the country, because they contribute to the growth of the economy and employment to an outstanding extent. We really hope that they will make full use of their prospective presence on the capital markets, whether by issuing bonds or in the form of a public offering.

By a listing, companies commit to a more transparent operation as well as a more efficient corporate governance. All these are bound to bring about a stronger growth approach. At the same time, this leads to an increase in brand awareness and also promotes the confidence of business partners, which aid the performance of the company. Generally speaking, listed companies enjoy considerable advantages in the conquest and retention of trained workforce, for employees are more likely to prefer a company which publicly competes on the stock market and fulfils the requirements of a listing.

We highly treasure these companies and we are proud of their achievements. They prove that Hungarian entrepreneurs have a lot to offer. We are aimed at fostering an increasing number of competitive companies in the Hungarian economy which are successful also at an international level. This publication provides an insight to the stories of such companies. Companies which showed not only willpower but also a great deal of performance to achieve an impressive growth as based on the specific market conditions. We do hope that excellent domestic companies – also beyond this publication – will benefit from the market competition both on the capital and debt financing side. We will be at their service!