Over the last three decades, we have collaborated with many successful privately owned Hungarian companies. It was in this respect that EY sought out and selected the companies appearing in this publication. After providing advisory services for innumerable transactions, capital fundraisings, and investments, we know best that the performance of an organisation cannot be judged solely based on the numbers. Consequently, each of the stories in the publication are based on an interview with the owner or the management. I am glad that you chose to share your experiences, and my colleagues and I thank you for these inspiring conversations.

Your companies are exceptional in terms of both their results and their revenues. All your stories indicate that the road to success takes many adventurous twists and turns. There have been critical times, you have faced risks, and competitors have always kept you under pressure. Still, you have achieved spectacular results, as you worked hard, and were ready to make sacrifices. You are pioneers, ready for future challenges.

According to research, within seven years, Generation Y will make up 75% of all employees, and 65% of young people now starting school will end up working at jobs that do not even exist yet. Artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics are changing the labour market. BSE50 companies are ready for this new, changing world. They all have personal reasons backing their success. Breakthroughs were brought about by novel ideas, unique business models, or self-developed products. What they all share is passion. It is for this reason that I am certain – and the reader of this publication will no doubt agree – that they will continue writing their laudable stories in the future.

It introduces small and medium enterprises that represent the diversity of Hungarian economy. This is the second time that we have conducted this search, together with the BSE and Figyelő. This also proves just how many exceptional companies there are in Hungary, each of which plays an important role in our national economy.

I congratulate all of them! It is also through them and with this publication that we pay our respects to the Hungarian businesspeople who keep the spirit of entrepreneurship alive.

Margaret Dezse

EY Partner