How does KAVOSZ aid SME development and sustainability through the SZKP?

Businesses need cheap and fast financing combined with low collateral and transparent conditions. KAVOSZ Zrt. strives to fulfil these requirements and drive development in the sector. Our programme is developed based on feedback from SMEs and currently offers a range of six types of financing.

The Széchényi Card Credit Margin can be used to bridge liquidity issues, the Agrár Széchényi Card is for agricultural businesses, while the Széchényi Working Capital Loan is designed for financing stock and raw material purchases. Széchényi Investment Loans can be used to build properties and to finance the acquisition of equipment. EU fund access is subsidised by the Széchényi Loan for Supplementing Own Contributions and the Széchényi Pre-Funding Loan.

Since September 2017, the maximum loan in the Széchényi Card Programme has been increased from HUF 50 million to 100 million. So far, more than 362,000 entrepreneurs have applied for our products, and we have issued over 272,000 cards. The total amount of money loaned is approximately HUF 2,050 billion.

What do you see as KAVOSZ Zrt.’s most important task in 2018?

We have to continue assessing the real needs of entrepreneurs in order to develop their business life cycles. Accordingly, we will keep expanding our portfolios, and continue taking a responsive and flexible approach to any problems that arise.

What do you consider to be the key factors that a medium enterprise needs in order to develop into a large one?

Naturally, the capacity of the loan constructions we offer is limited, but we are continuously striving to increase the funds available and to offer a solution to the issues of medium-sized enterprises.

They mainly need capital instead of loan constructions in order to enter the large enterprise category and to make their initial public offering at the same time, if possible.