Method of payment

Unless otherwise agreed, Issuers shall pay the annual maintenance fee in four quarterly instalments – and in the case of a delisting, after the day of the Delisting – within 30 days of receipt of the invoice regarding the quarter against which the fee is paid.

The listing fee for having a series of securities listed on the Exchange shall be paid by the Issuer on the Exchange Day follows the First Trading Day at the latest, payable to the Exchange’s account. The Issuer must provide proof of payment to the Exchange.

Issuers shall pay the pro rata amount of annual maintenance fees in the year their securities are listed or de-listed. The fee payable in the year of listing shall be calculated as of the date when the particular securities are first quoted on the Exchange.

The fee payable in the year of de-listing shall be calculated up to the Exchange Day when the particular securities are quoted for the last time on the Exchange before removal from the List of Products.

Whenever new securities are listed against fixed term series quoted on the Exchange, the fee payable for such a listing shall be the difference between the listing fee calculated for the total quantity quoted after the new listing and the quantity listed earlier according to the fee structure set forth in Fees-schedule Section 15.1.


If ordinary stocks of any type by an Issuer are already included in the List of Products, the Issuer shall be entitled to a 50% discount on the listing maintenance fees payable upon listing other securities series by the same Issuer, excluding ordinary stocks.

If the listing of other series of securities precedeed the date at which ordinary stocks are listed, the discount on the maintenance fee payable for the other securities shall apply as of the date that the ordinary stocks are listed.

In case of listing ordinary stocks and other securities issued for unlimited term, the Issuer is waived from the payment of the quarterly maintenance fee for the quarter in which the securities were listed and for the subsequent quarter.

Issuers qualify for discounts on the fee charged for listing fix term securities series at the rates set forth below:

  • maturing in less than 370 days: 30%,
  • maturing in over 370 days but in maximum 735 days: 20%,
  • maturing in over 735 days but in maximum 1,100 days: 10%.

Discount rights may not be applied simultaneously.