ELITE is designed to help businesses prepare and structure for their next stage of growth. The programme facilitates company access to a full range of funding options, increases company profile and visibility, promotes relationships and opportunities with potential investors, and supports management best practice and entrepreneurship.

One of the key objectives of the Budapest Stock Exchanges (BSE) strategy, adopted early this year, is to encourage not only private investors but also Hungarian companies to increase their presence on the stock exchange. To this end, in addition to the BSE Academy for the general public, the BSE is partnering with ELITE to establish a comprehensive training scheme for SMEs which will begin in 2017. The international dimension of the training programme, developed with the contribution of renowned business schools and players in the industry (such as investment firms and auditors) comes from the international network of ELITE and is based on and the deep knowledge acquired over the years, while the Hungary-specific knowledge (e.g. taxation and law) is compiled by the BSE. The BSE and ELITE will jointly select Hungary’s most ambitious and growing companies to include them in ELITE’s wider community. Every year 20 companies will have the opportunity to be part of the innovative growing path which will approximately cover 24 months.

Partnering with ELITE, BSE offers to the most ambitious Hungarian Companies:

  • bespoke access to a network of leading local and international advisers, investors, experts, entrepreneurs and public companies
  • earlier engagement with the investor community helping to access capital from a range of sources as and when appropriate for their businesses
  • inclusion in a vibrant ecosystem that supports and promotes innovation, entrepreneurialism and growth
  • expertise to help make informed business and funding decisions
  • a platform to enhance their business profile with stakeholders, supported by an extensive media campaign and web portal
  • opportunity to interact, share experiences and learn from other companies with similar growth objectives and aspirations.

Given the scheduling commitments of the executives taking part in the course, the programme will predominantly take place online. In addition, several in-person events can be attended in London and Budapest, providing the opportunity to gain knowledge in an international environment and establish future business relationships.

Participants will cover topics such as strategy development, innovation and growth opportunities in international fora, various organisational management models, financing options (loans, EU tenders, venture capital, private capital, stock exchange fundraising), and employee incentive programmes. In addition, companies can further deepen their financial knowledge, develop business plans and become familiar with marketing, communication and PR tools, all while remaining focused on their real, day-to-day issues as well. The training contributes to ensuring that the value creation processes in a company are aligned with its funding needs and the demands of its business partners. At the end of the programme, participants compile a business plan approved by a panel of international investors.

With the ELITE Programme, the BSE is aiming not only to educate, but also to establish a club that is successful at a European level, where managers of domestic companies can acquire new knowledge and network capital in a variety of seminars, and also get assistance in selecting the most appropriate long-term financing solution for their companies" highlighted Márton Nagy, Chairman of the Budapest Stock Exchange.

Today’s agreement is testament to Budapest Stock Exchange’s commitment to enhance its capital market offering. ELITE is already a highly successful international programme and I’m delighted that we have the opportunity to expand and localize the programme in Hungary. As well as helping accelerate the growth and opportunities of individual Hungarian businesses, ELITE has the power to help drive the country’s economic prosperity. High growth dynamic SMEs have a unique capacity to innovate and create new jobs, they are the lifeblood of any economy and it is essential that we create rich entrepreneurial ecosystems in which they can thrive" highlighted Luca Peyrano, CEO of ELITE – London Stock Exchange Group


ELITE offers businesses a full programme to help them grow, including education, training and direct contact with Europe’s financial and advisory community, through a unique online portal. Management teams are guided on how best to fast-track their development and capital raising processes, how to access the most suitable funding for their needs, whether private equity, venture capital or the bond or equity markets, and given advice on building their profile and reach. ELITE also allows its vibrant international advisor and investor community the opportunity to engage with a pool of high quality, dynamic companies and entrepreneurs, all of whom are open to the advice, opportunities and connections that the programme offers.