On the 3rd of May the new round of the ELITE Programme started. In the new international group three Hungarian companies are represented: Chemark Ltd., Agri-Corn Ltd. and Első Pesti Malom- és Sütőipari Ltd. The number of Hungarian participants grew with two food companies and a chemical company. In the international group of 10 European companies (plus two Mexican and one Kenyan company), Hungary is again outstandingly represented.

In November 2016 Budapest Stock Exchange signed a cooperation agreement with the subsidiary of the London Stock Exchange, the SME-training-focused ELITE SpA, to offer the growing Hungarian mid-size companies a training program suitable for delivering international best practices and getting acquainted with local particularities. Last year, 10 Hungarian companies began the two-year training, this number has now increased by three new companies.

The Hungarian companies joining the ELITE Programme:

Agri-Corn Ltd. The company known for its brand Civita produces gluten-, lactose-, additive- and chemical-free, farm-to-table food coming from GMO-free production.

Chemark Ltd. As a key player in the European plant protection product market, it deals with production and related logistics services.

Our company has always been open to novelties. We believe that the ELITE Programme is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with decision-making mechanisms, organization development methods, and funding opportunities that will ensure our company's further development and growth" said Imre Varga, Managing Director and Owner of Chemark Ltd.

Első Pesti Malom- és Sütőipari Ltd. The company operates four mills and a grain mill, as one of the largest milling companies in Hungary it plays a leading role in supplying Budapest and its agglomeration with flour. Interestingly, when the stock exchange was founded in 1864, the shares of the company's predecessor, Pesti Hengermalom, were being traded on the floor.

Első Pesti Malom has a serious tradition, therefore it is very important for us to combine the past and the future in our values and vision! We wish to create a successful balance between the grain, the earth, the respect of well done work and the new demands of consumers, the modern challenges of the market. We trust that the ELITE Programme is helping us greatly and will be an important milestone for the company's preparations for the future" said Gábor Dávid, Deputy CEO of Első Pesti Malom about why they joined.

More than 850 companies have joined the ELITE Program over the years on European and international level from 36 countries and from 35 sectors. With 13 active participants Hungary is now one of the best represented countries in the ELITE International Programme. The objective of the London Stock Exchange and BSE is to allow as many SMEs as possible to know a broad range of equity financing forms and to become able to list on the stock exchange on a shorter or longer term.

Accordingly, applications are not personal, but the company itself is involved in the Program, and some of the thematic modules (such as strategy creation or corporate evaluation) can be heard by the most relevant leaders or more than one person can attend the course at the same time.

As the name of the Programme suggests, the aim of the Budapest Stock Exchange is that more and more Hungarian medium-sized enterprises become part of that elite ecosystem that the issuers, the nominated advisors and all BSE-related companies mean. An important part of this process is the incorporation of new companies into the international ELITE Programme, so it is important that three successful domestic companies start training in the latest round" said Richard Végh, Chairman and CEO of the Budapest Stock Exchange.