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OTP Bank Nyrt.
OTP Bank Plc.
OTP Bank share

OTP Bank Plc.

  • Introduction
  • Trading data
  • Financials
  • Shareholders, management
  • Publications
  • Product features
Full Name OTP Bank Plc.
Short name OTP Bank Plc.
Sector Banking
HU-1051 Budapest, Nádor u. 16.
Phone: +36-1-473-5400
Fax: +36-1-473-5955
Investor Relations
Sándor Pataki
Phone: +36-1-473-5000
Fax: +36-1-473-5951
Auditor Deloitte
Business activity Established in 1949, it was the only retail bank until 1987. The largest universal bank of Hungary, a major financial service provider in Central and Eastern Europe, it is present in nine countries. Strategically important domestic subsidiaries of the bank are: OTP Mortgage Bank (the largest Hungarian mortgage credit institute), Merkantil Group (vehicle financing), OTP Real Estate Ltd., OTP Lakástakarék (housing savings and loans), OTP Factoring Ltd. and OTP Fund Management Ltd. The main ownership interests in the region are held in DSK Bank, OTP Banka Slovensko, OTP Bank Romania, OTP banka Hrvatska, OAO OTP Bank, CJSC OTP Bank, OTP banka Srbija, Crnogorska komercijalna banka.
Listed securities of the issuer
Name Ticker ISIN
OTP Bank share OTP HU0000061726
OTP_DK_HUF_2021/I discount bond OTPDKHUF21I HU0000358635
OTP_DK_HUF_2022/I discount bond OTPDKHUF22I HU0000358643
OTP_DK_HUF_2022/II discount bond OTPDKHUF22II HU0000359708
OTP_DK_HUF_2023/I discount bond OTPDKHUF23I HU0000358650
OTP_DK_HUF_2023/II discount bond OTPDKHUF23II HU0000359716
OTP_DK_HUF_2024/I discount bond OTPDKHUF24I HU0000358924
OTP_DK_HUF_2024/II discount bond OTPDKHUF24II HU0000359724
OTP_DK_HUF_2025/I discount bond OTPDKHUF25I HU0000358932
OTP_DK_HUF_2025/II discount bond OTPDKHUF25II HU0000359732
OTP_DK_HUF_2026/I discount bond OTPDKHUF26I HU0000359740
OTP_DK_HUF_2027/I discount bond OTPDKHUF27I HU0000359757
OTP_VK_USD_1 2021/II bond OTPVU121II HU0000359484
OTP_VK_USD_1 2021/III bond OTPVU121III HU0000359567
OTP_VK_USD_1 2021/IV bond OTPVU121IV HU0000359682
Basic Information
Ticker OTP
Date of listing10 Aug 1995
Currency of tradingHUF
Face Value100 HUF
Number of securities listed280,000,010
Market Capitalisation (HUF million)3,617,600
> Split (S)/Reverse split (R)
04 Mar 2002 S (1 : 10)
P/BV* 1.5198
* Calculating based on the capitalisation of the actual series only
* annualized yield

Key annual data

Audited, consolidated, in compliance with IFRS (Business Year: January 1 - December 31)
20181 20191
(million HUF) (million HUF)
Net interest income 599,832 706,298
Total non-interest income 281,895 371,429
Provisions for loans -26,167 -47,107
Operating Profit (EBIT) 384,908 510,045
Profit before tax 362,734 465,973
Profit after tax 325,335 419,052
Dividend per (ordinary) share 220.68 HUF 0 HUF
Loans 8,066,592 12,247,519
Deposits from Customers 11,285,085 15,522,654
Total liabilities 12,763,631 17,830,478
Share capital 28,000 28,000
Shareholders equity 1,826,657 2,291,288
Total assets 14,590,288 20,121,767
Number of employees (at business year end) 35,599 40,668
(1) Audited, consolidated, in compliance with IFRS (Business Year: January 1 - December 31)

Selected financial ratios

Ratios are based on data submitted by the company
2018 2019
Equity Ratio 6.99 7.78
Return on assets (ROA) 0.18 0.18
Return on equity (ROE) 0.02 0.02

Mid-year reports

Non-audited, consolidated, in compliance with IFRS (Business Year: January 1 - December 31)
Key P&L Figures Jan 2019 - Jun 20191 Jan 2020 - Jun 20201
(million HUF) (million HUF)
Net interest income 289,491 394,763
Total non-interest income 136,7852 173,3112
Provisions for loans -3,3583 -130,7443
Operating profit (EBIT) 191,3814 258,2004
Profit before tax 191,4675 128,6965
Profit after tax 170,1446 114,0546
Key Balance Sheet Items 30 Jun 2019 30 Jun 2020
(million HUF) (million HUF)
Placement with other banks 629,013 930,607
Loans 7,737,8467 13,044,8657
Tangible assets 422,3008 602,4268
Total assets 14,213,426 21,790,154
Deposits from Banks 600,048 1,031,430
Deposits from Customers 10,870,394 16,588,162
Total liabilities 12,506,050 19,409,891
Shareholders equity 1,707,376 2,380,263
Share capital 28,000 28,000
Total liabilities and shareholders equity 14,213,426 21,790,154
(1) Non-audited, consolidated, in compliance with IFRS (Business Year: January 1 - December 31)
(2) Net fees and commissions and other net non-interest income
(3) Total risk cost (provision for loan losses and other provision)
(4) Operating profit (adjusted)
(5) Consolidated adjusted before-tax profit (without the effect of adjustments)
(6) Consolidated adjusted after-tax profit (without the effect of adjustments)
(7) Net customer loans
(8) Premises, Equipment and intangible assets
Shareholders exceeding 5% stake with respect to the listed series
Name Shareholding (%) Share piece
MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Public Limited Company 8.57 24,000,000
Kafijat Zrt. 7.08 19,835,748
OPUS Securities S.A. 5.18 14,496,476
Groupama Group 5.12 14,334,995
Note: When determining the Free Float for a particular series, all the securities of the company shall be regarded to be publicly held other than (i) the stock of securities held by holders with direct holdings of at least 5% of the total number of securities, (ii) securities in the possession of custodians, provided the certificate available to the custodian verifies that the particular person holds at least 5% of the total number of securities outstanding. The value of the free float is based on the data provided by the issuer.
Management Board dr. CSÁNYI Sándor (Chairman & CEO), ERDEI Tamás György (Vice Chairman), BAUMSTARK Mihály, dr. BÍRÓ Tibor, ERDEI Tamás György, dr. GRESA István, KOVÁCS Antal (Deputy CEO), dr. PONGRÁCZ Antal, dr. UTASSY László, dr. VÖRÖS József, dr. WOLF László (Deputy CEO)
Management dr. CSÁNYI Sándor (Chairman & CEO); BENCSIK László (Deputy CEO, Strategic Financial); JOHANCSIK Tibor (Deputy CEO, IT and Banking operation); KOVÁCS Antal (Deputy CEO, Retail banking); WOLF László (Deputy CEO, Commercial banking), KISS-HAYPÁL György (Deputy CEO, Credit Approval and Risk Management Division)
Supervisory Board TOLNAY Tibor (chairman), dr. HORVÁTH Gábor, MICHNAI András, BELLA Klára, Olivier PÉQUEUX, dr. VÁGI Márton Gellért
Note: Publications of this issuer are available in Hungarian only.
Publication News
23 Feb 2021 16:00 Záróközlemény
01 Feb 2021 11:45 Voting rights, registered capital
28 Jan 2021 09:15 Extraordinary Information
25 Jan 2021 09:47 Extraordinary Information
21 Jan 2021 19:03 Extraordinary Information
21 Jan 2021 19:02 Extraordinary Information
15 Jan 2021 05:56 Shareholder Structure
13 Jan 2021 06:10 Extraordinary Information
13 Jan 2021 06:09 Transactions with Treasury Shares
12 Jan 2021 07:58 Extraordinary Information
Publication Report
30 Apr 2020 19:10 Éves Jelentés
06 Nov 2020 00:02 Summary of the first nine months results
30 Apr 2020 19:01 CG Declaration
Publication Articles of Association
04 Jun 2020 11:26 Articles of Associations
Publication Voting rights, registered capital
01 Feb 2021 11:45 Voting rights, registered capital
Publication Corporate Action Timetable
23 Dec 2020 12:15 Corporate Action Timetable
Name of securityOTP Bank share
IssuerOTP Bank Plc.
Equity classOrdinary share
Type of securityRegistered
Form of securityDematerialised
Code of security (ISIN)HU0000061726
Ticker symbolOTP
Face value100 HUF
Number of securities listed280,000,010
Rights to dividendsFull year
Listing date10 Aug 1995
First Trading Day10 Aug 1995
Trading Unit
Currency of tradingHUF
Trading time
Listing price1,200