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Full Name DUNA HOUSE HOLDING Public Company Limited by Shares
Sector Real Estate
HU-1016 Budapest, Gellérthegy utca 17.
Phone: +36-1-555-2222
Fax: +36-1-555-2220
Investor Relations
Dániel Schilling
Phone: +36-1-555-2222
Fax: +36-1-555-2220
Auditor Ernst & Young Ltd. (Auditor: Domoszlai Rita)
Business activity Duna House Holding is the trustworthy key player of the Hungarian and regional property market. It is present in 3 countries with the strategic goal to further strengthen its regional role. Following the acquisition of Poland s larget property agency - Metrohouse - in April 2016, Duna House obtained the ownership of the majority shares of Duna House Franchise s.r.o. in the Czech Republic in September 2016 as well. By this latter transaction, it has gained ownership of every member of its regional network.^~Through its property brokerage activity and several other services around property brokerage, it is determined to serve its clients in a comprehensive way. Duna House distinguishes among the following five operating segments: franchise, own office segment, intermediation of financial products, sales of related services and property investments. Following the introduction of the second franchise brand called Smart Ingatlan (Smart Property) to the Hungarian market, Impact Asset Management Zrt., a subsidiary of Duna House Holding Nyrt. established Hungary s very first public, open end residential property investment fund in August 2016. Beyond all this, Duna House carries out property development projects through its subsidiaries in the sub-group called "MyCity".
Listed securities of the issuer
Name Ticker ISIN
Duna House NKP Bond 2030/I. DUNA2030I HU0000359914
Duna House NKP Bond 2032/I. DUNA2032I HU0000361217
Basic Information
Date of listing28 Oct 2015
Currency of tradingHUF
Face Value5 HUF
Number of securities listed34,387,870
Market Capitalisation (HUF million)33,631
> Split (S)/Reverse split (R)
03 Aug 2020 S (1 : 10)
P/BV* 6.137
* Calculating based on the capitalisation of the actual series only
* annualized yield

Key annual data

Audited, consolidated, in compliance with IFRS (Business Year: January 1 - December 31)
20211 20221
(thousand HUF) (thousand HUF)
Total revenues 14,461,930 30,264,318
Operating Profit (EBIT) 1,695,447 3,436,332
Net income from financial activities -66,123 64,395
Profit before tax 1,786,000 3,715,1662
Profit after tax 1,470,4193 2,939,2304
Dividend per (ordinary) share 32 HUF 108.12 HUF
Fixed Assets 5,244,080 17,948,697
Total liabilities 15,690,995 35,921,725
Share capital 171,989 171,989
Shareholders equity 7,500,7895 5,250,9105
Total assets 22,612,457 41,172,638
Number of employees (at business year end) 141 217
(1) Audited, consolidated, in compliance with IFRS (Business Year: January 1 - December 31)
(2) Continuing operations
(3) After non-controlling interest
(4) Continuing operations, before non-controlling interest
(5) Including non-controlling interest

Selected financial ratios

Ratios are based on data submitted by the company
2021 2022
Equity Ratio 2.09 6.84
Return on assets (ROA) 0.2 0.56
Return on equity (ROE) 0.07 0.07

Mid-year reports

non-audited, consolidated, IFRS; Business Year: October 1. - December 31.
Key P&L Figures Oct 2022 - Dec 20221 Oct 2023 - Dec 20232
(million HUF) (million HUF)
Net sales 8,938 9,133
Operating profit (EBIT) 1,250 305
Net income from financial activities 137 829
Profit before tax 1,389 1,126
Profit after tax 1,0193 8804
Key Balance Sheet Items 31 Dec 2022 31 Dec 2023
(million HUF) (million HUF)
Fixed Assets 15,813 15,968
Intangible Assets 6,608 11,5305
Tangible assets 2,957 1,780
Invested financial assets 212 231
Current Assets 23,299 17,844
Inventory 6,059 2,278
Total assets 39,112 33,811
Shareholders equity 5,5176 5,4804
Share capital 172 172
Long-term liabilities 24,402 21,625
Short-term liabilities 9,192 6,707
Total liabilities and shareholders equity 39,112 33,811
(1) Non-audited, consolidated, in compliance with IFRS (Business Year: October 1. - December 31)
(2) non-audited, consolidated, IFRS; Business Year: October 1. - December 31.
(3) Before non-controlling interest
(4) including non-controlling interest
(5) intangibles and goodwill
(6) Including non-controlling interest
Shareholders exceeding 5% stake with respect to the listed series
Name Shareholding (%) Share piece
DDGroup Kft. 38.86 13,366,425
GD Holding Kt. 38.86 13,366,425
Note: When determining the Free Float for a particular series, all the securities of the company shall be regarded to be publicly held other than (i) the stock of securities held by holders with direct holdings of more than 5% of the total number of securities, (ii) securities in the possession of custodians, provided the certificate available to the custodian verifies that the particular person holds more than 5% of the total number of securities outstanding belonging to the series. The value of the free float is based on the data provided by the issuer.
Management Board Guy DYMSCHIZ (chairman), Doron DYMSCHIZ, MÁTÉ Ferenc, NAGY Jenő, SCHILLING Dániel
Management Doron DYMSCHIZ (Co-CEO), Guy DYMSCHIZ (Co-CEO), MÁTÉ Ferenc (Deputy CEO), Marta ZOLKOWSKA (Country Manager), SCHILLING Dániel (Director of Finance)
Supervisory Board SÁNDORFI Balázs (chairman), REDLING Károly, DR. MARTIN HAJDU György
Name of securityDUNA HOUSE share
IssuerDUNA HOUSE HOLDING Public Company Limited by Shares
Equity classOrdinary share
Type of securityRegistered
Form of securityDematerialised
Code of security (ISIN)HU0000177613
Ticker symbolDUNAHOUSE
Face value5 HUF
Number of securities listed34,387,870
Rights to dividendsFull year
Listing date28 Oct 2015
First Trading Day11 Nov 2016
Trading Unit
Currency of tradingHUF
Trading time
Listing price3,960