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Navigator share


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Full Name NAVIGATOR INVESTMENTS Public Limited Company
Sector Financial services
HU-2040 Budaörs, Gyár utca 2.
Phone: +36 30 338 9865
Fax: -
Investor Relations
Róbert Pallag
Phone: +36 20 496 8070
Fax: -
Auditor CONTROLLING-AUDIT Könyvvizsgálói Kft. (auditor: Török Zoltán)
Business activity The Navigator Group is a private equity, corporate finance and strategic management company. As an investor, the NAVIGATOR Group primarily acquires and operates industrial, manufacturing and service companies. The member companies producing their own portfolio are active in the wood/carpentry industry and metal structure manufacturing.Currently, the Group is working on the acquisition of several small and medium-sized enterprises in Hungary, in addition to the existing ones, with its specialized team. NAVIGATOR is keen to acquire companies to include them in its portfolio where the founding owner cannot find a solution to the problem of generational change and to the restructuring required in accordance to such change. In recent years, the NAVIGATOR Group has also successfully completed several acquisitions and investment transactions and it also provided advisory services to several companies. By acquiring Trifolium International Ltd. in 2020, the Group s portfolio expanded in 2020 with wood industry manufacturing, interior design, fit-out and exhibition construction activities. In 2022 NAVIGATOR acquired the machinery tool production company INSTRUM Kft, based in Tököl and continues to prepare further acquisitions according to its business strategy.In addition, NAVIGATOR is the market leader at the BSE XTEND platform as a designated advisor (NOMAD), managing the listing, issue of shares and capital increase of several companies worth several billion HUF.
Listed securities of the issuer
Name Ticker ISIN
Navigator share NAVIGATOR HU0000207733
Basic Information
Date of listing28 Jul 2022
Currency of tradingHUF
Face Value10 HUF
Number of securities listed40,899,389
Market Capitalisation (HUF million)3,027
> Split (S)/Reverse split (R)
30 Jun 2023 S (1 : 100)
P/BV* 2.1149
* Calculating based on the capitalisation of the actual series only
* annualized yield

Key annual data

Audited, consolidated, in compliance with HAS (Business Year: January 1 - December 31)
20211 20222
(thousand HUF) (thousand HUF)
Total revenues 1,600,210 1,949,565
Operating Profit (EBIT) 23,503 228,303
Net income from financial activities 103,854 -119,298
Profit before tax 127,357 109,005
Profit after tax 115,327 54,629
Dividend per (ordinary) share HUF 60 HUF
Fixed Assets 409,081 1,529,646
Total liabilities 371,057 849,123
Share capital 300,000 357,605
Shareholders equity 649,478 1,417,052
Total assets 1,172,480 2,407,123
Number of employees (at business year end) 31 62
(1) Non-audited, , in compliance with HAS (Business Year: January 1 - December 31)
(2) Audited, consolidated, in compliance with HAS (Business Year: January 1 - December 31)

Selected financial ratios

Ratios are based on data submitted by the company
2021 2022
Equity Ratio 0.57 0.6
Return on assets (ROA) 0.18 0.04
Return on equity (ROE) 0.1 0.02

Mid-year reports

Non-audited, pro-forma consolidated, Has; Business Year: January 1 - June 30
Key P&L Figures Jan 2022 - Jun 20221 Jan 2023 - Jun 20232
(thousand HUF) (thousand HUF)
Net sales 919,105 1,176,571
Operating profit (EBIT) 96,716 86,302
Net income from financial activities 10,522 -33,109
Profit before tax 107,238 53,193
Profit after tax 95,521 33,637
Key Balance Sheet Items 30 Jun 2022 30 Jun 2023
(thousand HUF) (thousand HUF)
Fixed Assets 681,470 1,758,849
Intangible Assets 12,354 226,826
Tangible assets 528,101 937,906
Invested financial assets 141,015 594,117
Current Assets 726,426 744,290
Inventory 2,279 26,229
Total assets 1,628,939 2,562,112
Shareholders equity 1,053,671 1,431,266
Share capital 304,010 357,605
Long-term liabilities 20,075 438,495
Short-term liabilities 418,187 555,712
Total liabilities and shareholders equity 1,628,939 2,562,112
(1) Non-audited, pro-forma consolidated, Has; (Business Year: January 1 - June 30)
(2) Non-audited, pro-forma consolidated, Has; Business Year: January 1 - June 30
Shareholders exceeding 5% stake with respect to the listed series
Name Shareholding (%) Share piece
JUTASI Zoltán Zsolt 62.35 25,500,000
Treasury shares 12.71 5,196,700
SÓVÁRI Olivér 12.23 5,000,000
Note: When determining the Free Float for a particular series, all the securities of the company shall be regarded to be publicly held other than (i) the stock of securities held by holders with direct holdings of more than 5% of the total number of securities, (ii) securities in the possession of custodians, provided the certificate available to the custodian verifies that the particular person holds more than 5% of the total number of securities outstanding belonging to the series. The value of the free float is based on the data provided by the issuer.
Management Board JUTASI Zoltán Zsolt (Chairman), JUTASI Yvette, Tom FRATER
Management JUTASI Zoltán Zsolt (Founder, Chairman of the Board); BAJTEK Gyöngyvér (CEO); BÁRÁNY Gyula (Managing Director - Trifolium International Kft.); Dr. BENCZE Miklós (Chief Legal and Transaction Officer); FÖLDI Adrienn (CFO); HORVÁTH Zsolt (Director of Capital Markets); PALLAG Róbert (Director of Investments and Business Development); BAGOSSY Tamás (Director - Trifolium International Kft.);
Supervisory Board ENGLÓNER Erzsébet; SZABÓ Péter; VINCZE Andrea
Name of securityNavigator share
IssuerNAVIGATOR INVESTMENTS Public Limited Company
Equity classOrdinary share
Type of securityRegistered
Form of securityDematerialised
Code of security (ISIN)HU0000207733
Ticker symbolNAVIGATOR
Face value10 HUF
Number of securities listed40,899,389
Rights to dividendsFull year
Listing date28 Jul 2022
First Trading Day27 Sep 2022
Trading Unit
Currency of tradingHUF
Trading time
Listing price7,200
Date of Issue06 Apr 2022