As part of the BSE-ELITE Partnership, the Budapest Stock Exchange has been offering the unique ELITE Programme since autumn 2016 for domestic companies looking to grow and develop. The programme provides advanced training in business development, international and domestic networking opportunities and opens up external financing channels for companies.

Supporting companies in the next stage of development

ELITE is a comprehensive corporate finance and organisational development training for emerging companies, supporting the development of the corporate finance culture, the mindset of business leaders and access to external finance for businesses.

The ELITE Programme provides state-of-the-art corporate management and financing skills, as well as an international and domestic network that makes companies internationally competitive and opens the door to stock market and other forms of external financing.

The ELITE training

By adopting ELITE, the BSE is making available to domestic companies a programme that is already well-known in Europe and adapted to the specific characteristics of the country. During the two-year interactive training course, managers of domestic companies with ambitions for rapid growth will be able to acquire new theoretical and practical knowledge from the lecturers and other participants in the programme in several forms. Throughout the training, companies will receive continuous, personalised feedback from trainers, experts and each other, which will greatly facilitate effective development and the integration of knowledge into the life of the company.

In cooperation with business schools and industry players (universities, banks, investment service providers, corporate finance and other consultants, auditors, law firms, etc.), the training takes into account international best practices as well as local specificities, such as investor expectations, market environment, taxation or legal knowledge.

Much more than an educational programme

The quality international business development training is much more than an educational programme. It also gives participating companies and their executives the opportunity to network with domestic and European companies of similar size and activity, investors, commercial bankers and stock market professionals. The ELITE community thus becomes a valuable resource for business networking, collaboration and mutual learning.

The international ELITE community

Launched in 2012 by Borsa Italiana in Milan, Italy, the programme is now a worldwide initiative, with more than 1600 companies from 43 countries and 36 sectors. ELITE has been a subsidiary of the Euronext Group since 2021.

ELITE International offers its members one of the largest international communities of small and medium sized enterprises and a private financing platform, in addition to a business development education programme.

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