To be registered as a trader on the Exchange representing a member, the applicant must meet the following conditions and submit the following documents:

  • The prospective trader’s personal data (name, date and place of birth, address, mother’s maiden name), which are to be included in a private document of full legal validity that also contains a statement that the applicant meets the following conditions
    • is over the age of 18,
    • has no criminal record,
    • has at least a high school (secondary school) diploma,
    • is not under a trading ban,
    • in the past three years applicant has not been a leading official in, or in a top management position of a business that was liquidated or ubjected to bankruptcy proceedings, has not been a manager or trader commissioned with investments or commodity exchange activities for said business, and/or has not been declared responsible under civil or criminal law for the liquidation or bankruptcy or declared responsible by a labour court,
    • has passed the examinations required for trading in the given sections or on the Exchange as set forth in Annex 1 and has passed the Trading System Examination specified by the Stock Exchange.
    • If at or prior to the time of submitting the application, the applicantis/was registered as a trader on any stock exchange within the European Union, then a document certifying this other stock exchange registration may be submitted with the application in lieu of the professional examination specified above.
    • If the applicant is not a registered trader on any stock exchange within the European Union, applicant is required to issue a statement to that effect so that any other Stock Exchange in the European Union will accept the given training as the knowledge requisite for the position of trader on the given market.
    • A statement from the exchange member to the effect that the trader is either its full-time employee, or is legally commissioned to trade for the member on the long term, as well as an authorization stating that the trader may conduct Stock Exchange transactions in the given section in the name of the exchange member (i.e. is authorized to represent the member).

If the trader is already registered to trade at another stock exchange where trading is conducted using a trading system identical to that of the Stock Exchange, the Stock Exchange will exempt the trader from the Trading System Examination cited in General Terms of Service of the BSE Ltd., Book Three - Regulations on Exchange Membership.

The trader list contains the name of the trader and the employing exchange member. The Exchange shall grant a trader additional access level privileges to the trading systems of the Exchange within two exchange days of receipt of the relevant exchange member’s written request.

Exchange members may request that several of their employees be entered in the trader list as traders.

The trader of theeExchange member will be identified in the trading systems of the Exchange by the exchange member’s user name. To guarantee secure conditions, accessing the exchange trading system will require the user name and password, as well as another security code (for e.g. certifications or security tokens). This security code will be issued by the Stock Exchange.

Both the exchange member and the trader will be held responsible for all consequences related to the handling of the user names and security codes required to access the trading systems of the Exchange, for any unauthorized use, as well as for conducting trades, and submitting orders and counter-orders in keeping with regulations.