In addition to trading data, other market information plays an increasing role, like news, announcements, and historical data serving as a basis for research and analyses. BSE endeavours, also with the assistance of its website, to meet these needs by offering a wide range of information services.

The following pages offer you assistance to find, as easily as possible, the solution that best fits your objective should you wish to have access to BSE trading data and other market information.

Availability of trading data

BSE transmits real-time, delayed, and end-of-day stock exchange trading data through official data providers, the vendors (distributors) to end-users: institutional and private investors, analysts, and representatives of the media.

If you would like to have access to the BSE trading data as an end-user, please read our information page and/or contact the data service companies indicated in the list of vendors.

If your company wishes to have access to BSE trading information in order to use it and forward it to third persons, please read our vendor guidelines.

You can find answers to the mostly frequently asked questions in the FAQ section.

BSE offers further information and downloadable materials for its contracted vendors in the Vendors only section.

For more information on the provision of trading data please contact the BSE Vendor Relations staff.

Availability of other information related to trading

A wide range of historical data can be downloaded from the BSE website free of charge. For any other historical data queries please contact the BSE information center.

Detailed, up-to-date information on the products traded on the BSE (so-called reference data) are available in various forms, not only within the framework of vendor services, but also on the BSE website.

BSE regularly prepares and publishes monthly turnover statistics and analytical papers on the development of the market.

The BSE website serves as a publication place for both the issuers, section members and the Exchange itself. News and disclosures published here are made available free of charge, and a search function for the news database is also provided.