Future FM is strongly focused on constantly improving working conditions, keeping agreements and deadlines, maintaining employee satisfaction and motivation, and training and educating staff. Five years ago they launched the Future Akadémia internal manager training system to give directors access to customised education, allow them to attend motivational and communication training sessions and help them learn presentation techniques.

Future FM is also appreciated by its employees because of the pleasant workplace atmosphere, and each branch’s annual sports day and team-building training sessions allow staff and partners to relax and have fun.

The labour shortage has left its mark on this segment as well, with manual workers willing to switch companies even for a couple of thousand forints extra each month. However, those who leave the company in the hope of higher wages tend to return after a few months, because the company always pays on time and in full, and provides state-of-the-art and efficient equipment. This strategy seems to have worked, and both manual and office workers have the opportunity to find new challenges in a new field or position within the company. According to owner László Szigedi, the corporate culture and operations are characterised by the same flexibility.

The company’s range of activities has grown continuously in recent years to match their partners’ needs. For example, they started technical operations when a relevant tender was announced in 1998 for Hattyúház. Currently they specialise in cleaning, gardening, security services, catering, document management and fleet management.

Today they have over 200 partners including office buildings, sports and cultural institutions, banks and factories.

In addition to their loyal and motivated staff, productive HR policy and positive corporate culture, their greatest competitive advantages include innovation, flexibility, fair business dealings and transparency. Szigedi says key to their success are the values embodied by the company’s motto of “performance, know-how and respect”.

Integrity and transparency are an important priority for Future FM, This strategy has proved to be a lucrative one in the long term. So much so that in 2015 they reached a major milestone when they took over the technical operations of the ground handling service facilities and areas at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport.

In order to maintain its position as market leader the company is constantly developing its existing businesses and actively looking for opportunities to expand its service portfolio.