The fact that we have reached a turning point is illustrated best by the fact that there are many SMEs among the companies featured in BSE’s collection that are exemplary in from the perspective of the capital market.

For the staff at Figyelő, it was both an honour and a professional challenge to participate in this project. We believe that the improved performance of the SME sector is key to achieving sustainable economic growth and full employment.

Although most news focuses on big corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises account for the overwhelming majority of businesses and 70% of all employees in Hungary.

In the often - and rightly - mentioned years after 2020, when EU funds are expected to dwindle, SMEs will also be able to rely on the capital market in addition to the money market. We are fully behind the state providing substantial assistance to businesses in going public.  We also advocate for a higher proportion of Hungarian households to invest on the Budapest Stock Exchange, given that the performance of businesses and the confidence of small investors in companies are the best measure of the real economy.

In the BSE50 publication we present companies that have already proved their worth. They have leveraged their opportunities, developed and expanded their operations and are on track for further dynamic growth. Despite the everyday difficulties they encounter, these are success stories representing the key sectors of the national economy. As some of the company profiles suggest, many see export as a breakthrough opportunity, which is only natural given that Hungary is part of the European economic area.

Perhaps our friendly encouragement for everyone to invest on the stock exchange is therefore not completely misguided.