BSE is supplementing this by launching a program, which aims to increase the quantity and quality of available information on companies with a small and medium capitalization, and to support liquidity in the shares of these companies. As part of the program independent research of these companies will be made available on BSE’s website free of charge, and investment providers will also support the liquidity of the order books of these shares by providing market making in them. The research will be available at the investment providers as well. The language of the research is English.

BSE’s market development program will last until the end of 2018, with the participation of four investment providers and 11 listed companies:

Investment provider Company/share
Concorde Értékpapír Zrt. Appeninn, CIG, Duna House
MKB Bank Zrt. Alteo, Budapesti Ingatlan Nyrt.*, Masterplast
OTP Bank Nyrt. PannErgy, Rába, Zwack
Wood & Company Financial Services, a.s. ANY Biztonsági Nyomda, Graphisoft Park

*MKB Bank Ltd. only provides research of Budapesti Ingatlan Nyrt. and does not provide market making for its shares.


Market making stars from 3 January, 2018 and lasts until 31 December, 2018.

The parameters for the market making of the shares are listed below. Market making will be carried out in 70% of the trading hours by the investment providers.

Parameters of market making
Name of the equity ISIN code Minimum quote size (number of shares) Maximum spread (bps)
Alteo HU0000155726 2400 350
ANY Biztonsági Nyomda HU0000093257 1100 180
Appeninn HU0000102132 3000 200
CIG HU0000097738 6700 150
Duna House HU0000135090 450 250
Graphisoft Park HU0000083696 500 250
Masterplast HU0000093943 3000 400
PannErgy HU0000089867 3500 150
Rába HU0000073457 1400 225
Zwack HU0000074844 90 150