BUMIX operates, (similarly to BUX), as a total return index, i.e. the dividend payout also plays a role in its performance evaluation. Only those series of shares can be admitted to the BUMIX basket where the market capitalisation adjusted for free float does not exceed HUF 125 billion.

The calculation method, the review and the handling of corporate actions is the same to the process applied in the case of the BUX index.


Official name

Budapest Stock Exchange Mid- and SmallCap Share Index


Total return index, taking account of dividend payouts




Share index with market capitalisation weighting corrected for free float

Currency of calculation

Hungarian Forint (HUF)


Consists of a variable number of shares up to a maximum of 25


Twice a year - March, September

Frequently of calculation

Continuous, every five seconds

Ticker codes

Reuters: .BUMIX

Bloomberg: BUMIX

Base value

January 5, 2004=1000 points

Base capitalization

HUF 121,245,976,099

Tradeable products

BUMIX index futures contract

BUMIX Graphs