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AutoWallis Nyrt.
AutoWallis Plc.
AutoWallis share

AutoWallis Plc.

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Full Name AutoWallis Plc.
Short name AutoWallis Plc.
Sector Diversified Financials
HU-1055 Budapest, Honvéd utca 20.
Phone: +36-1-551-5773
Fax: -
Investor Relations
Gábor Székely
Phone: +36 1-551-5773
Fax: -
Auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers Könyvvizsgáló Kft (Auditor: Biczó Péter)
Business activity The objective of AutoWallis Nyrt., whose shares are listed in the Premium category of the Budapest Stock Exchange and are included in the BUX and BUMIX indices, is to become the leading car dealership and mobility service provider of the Central and Eastern European region by the end of the decade and to continuously expand its investment portfolio that focuses on automotive investments through acquisitions while operating as a traditional asset management company adopting a conservative business policy. The AutoWallis Group operates in 14 countries in the Central and Eastern European region (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia) and is engaged in the retail and distribution of motor vehicles and parts, servicing activities and short-term and long-term car rental. The brands represented by the Group include BMW passenger cars and motorcycles, Dacia, Isuzu, Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati, MINI, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Ssangyong, Suzuki, Toyota, Saab parts and Sixt rent-a-car. AutoWallis received an award for "Capital increase of the year" at the Legek 2020 event of the Budapest Stock Exchange.
Listed securities of the issuer
Name Ticker ISIN
AutoWallis NKP Bond 2030/I. AWNKP2030I HU0000359476
AutoWallis NKP Bond 2031/I. AWNKP31 HU0000360664
AutoWallis share AUTOWALLIS HU0000164504
Basic Information
Date of listing25 Jun 2013
Currency of tradingHUF
Face Value12.5 HUF
Number of securities listed425,183,765
Market Capitalisation (HUF million)51,447
> Split (S)/Reverse split (R)
18 Dec 2017 S (1 : 10)
01 Feb 2019 S (1 : 8)
P/BV* 2.2273
* Calculating based on the capitalisation of the actual series only
* annualized yield

Key annual data

Audited, consolidated, in compliance with IFRS (Business Year: January 1 - December 31)
20191 20201
(thousand HUF) (thousand HUF)
Total revenues 75,272,9082 88,412,7262
Operating Profit (EBIT) 1,804,357 655,2662
Net income from financial activities -544,4102 -1,065,7642
Profit before tax 1,259,9472 -410,4972
Profit after tax 916,6112 -679,3312
Dividend per (ordinary) share 0 HUF HUF
Fixed Assets 8,382,2422 21,758,8892
Total liabilities 26,881,6022 48,585,0792
Share capital 3,383,2683 4,053,9213
Shareholders equity 16,463,4273 21,056,5083
Total assets 31,986,9482 57,762,9902
Number of employees (at business year end) 309 6622
(1) Audited, consolidated, in compliance with IFRS (Business Year: January 1 - December 31)
(2) consolidated
(3) individual

Selected financial ratios

Ratios are based on data submitted by the company
2019 2020
Equity Ratio 1.63 2.31
Return on assets (ROA) 0.06 -0.03
Return on equity (ROE) 0.03 -0.01

Mid-year reports

Non-audited, consolidated, in compliance with IFRS (Business Year: January 1 - June 30)
Key P&L Figures Jan 2020 - Jun 20201 Jan 2021 - Jun 20212
(thousand HUF) (thousand HUF)
Net sales 38,152,265 97,651,046
Operating profit (EBIT) 19,502 1,662,098
Net income from financial activities -720,570 -111,346
Profit before tax -701,069 1,550,752
Profit after tax -773,439 1,199,428
Key Balance Sheet Items 30 Jun 2020 30 Jun 2021
(thousand HUF) (thousand HUF)
Fixed Assets 11,037,972 22,437,717
Intangible Assets 598,956 4,306,598
Tangible assets 9,371,758 18,122,311
Invested financial assets 1,067,258 8,809
Current Assets 34,752,548 52,420,504
Inventory 18,700,500 24,086,290
Total assets 45,790,520 74,858,221
Shareholders equity 19,497,779 23,098,018
Share capital 3,722,033 4,246,421
Long-term liabilities 7,609,957 13,168,872
Short-term liabilities 31,690,582 49,362,160
Total liabilities and shareholders equity 45,790,520 74,858,221
(1) Non-audited, consolidated, in compliance with IFRS (Business Year: January 1 - December 31)
(2) Non-audited, consolidated, in compliance with IFRS (Business Year: January 1 - June 30)
Shareholders exceeding 5% stake with respect to the listed series
Name Shareholding (%) Share piece
Wallis Asset Management 57.55 244,713,295
Kárpát-medencei Vállalkozásfejlesztési Kockázati Tőkealap 7.05 29,961,026
Note: When determining the Free Float for a particular series, all the securities of the company shall be regarded to be publicly held other than (i) the stock of securities held by holders with direct holdings of at least 5% of the total number of securities, (ii) securities in the possession of custodians, provided the certificate available to the custodian verifies that the particular person holds at least 5% of the total number of securities outstanding. The value of the free float is based on the data provided by the issuer.
Management Board Zsolt MÜLLNER (Chairman), Andrew John PREST, Péter ANTAL, Gábor SZÉKELY, Gábor ORMOSY, Gábor DÉVAI
Management Gábor ORMOSY (CEO), Gábor SZÉKELY (Investment director), Ferenc VACZLAVIK (Group CFO), Attila SERES (Director of Strategy and Business Development), Andrew John PREST (Director of Wholesale Business), Péter ANTAL (Director of Retail Business)
Supervisory Board Attila CHIKÁN jr (Chairman), György ECSERI, Gábor VITÁN, Ferenc KARVALITS, Bence BUDAY
Note: Publications of this issuer are available in Hungarian only.
Publication News
18 Jan 2022 10:48 Concorde: 182 forintra emelt 12 havi célárfolyam és vételi ajánlás az AutoWallis részvényekre
18 Jan 2022 10:25 AutoWallis sales set new records in all areas in 2021. Tripled its figures from the previous year, selling more than 25 thousand vehicles last year. The vehicle rental sector also showed strong figures: the number of rental days increased by more than one and a half times to over 164 thousand in 2021. The number of service hours also showed a positive trend, doubling to over 130 thousand. The Group’s explosive growth was thanks to both organic development and its transactions.
06 Jan 2022 11:14 Kalliwoda Research: Buy recommendation and a 12-month price target of HUF 230 for AutoWallis shares
06 Jan 2022 09:50 The Slovenian competition authority has granted its approval for AutoWallis to purchase Avto Aktiv’s activities and real estate properties. A major automotive company in Slovenia, Avto Aktiv has been selling and servicing 4 vehicle brands in 5 cities for almost 20 years. This is the second acquisition in Slovenia by AutoWallis, and it is currently investigating the opportunities for the sale of further brands in the Central European country alongside the established 4 vehicle brands.
04 Jan 2022 11:35 Starting from January, the AutoWallis subsidiary Wallis Motor Pest and Duna will be led by a new Managing Director: Sándor Mátrabérci joins the Group with 20 years of experience in the upper management of premium vehicle brand sales. In the future, Péter Antal, the former leader of the two companies, will concentrate on managing the AutoWallis Group’s Retail & Services Business Unit exclusively and on ensuring that the targets laid down in the strategy are met.
01 Jan 2022 18:45 Number of voting rights, composition of share capital
28 Dec 2021 15:40 AutoWallis Plc. corporate events for 2022
21 Dec 2021 17:52 Information regarding share transaction of executive officer
17 Dec 2021 22:02 Information regarding share transaction of executive officer
07 Dec 2021 18:44 AutoWallis has reported strong results for the past nine months: the EBITDA of the corporation exceeded HUF 5.7 billion, meaning that the listed automotive company is likely to surpass its yearly plan of HUF 5.5-6.2 billion. The Group generated a revenue of HUF 145.4 billion in the first nine months of the year, with its margin production having grown by nearly 10 percent, and its EBITDA margin having increased from 3 to 3.9 percent.
Publication Report
12 Apr 2021 15:46 IFRS Financial statements of AutoWallis Nyrt.
15 Sep 2021 15:10 Semi-Annual report on the AutoWallis Group for H1 2021
12 Apr 2021 15:32 AutoWallis Corporate Governance Report
Publication Articles of Association
19 Nov 2021 09:40 Articles of Association of AutoWallis Plc. effective from 15 November 2021
Publication Voting rights, registered capital
01 Jan 2022 18:45 Number of voting rights, composition of share capital
Publication Corporate Action Timetable
28 Dec 2021 15:40 AutoWallis Plc. corporate events for 2022
Name of securityAutoWallis share
IssuerAutoWallis Plc.
Equity classOrdinary share
Type of securityRegistered
Form of securityDematerialised
Code of security (ISIN)HU0000164504
Ticker symbolAUTOWALLIS
Face value12.5 HUF
Number of securities listed425,183,765
Rights to dividendsFull year
Listing date25 Jun 2013
First Trading Day25 Jun 2013
Trading Unit
Currency of tradingHUF
Trading time
Listing price2,115