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Richárd Végh



Richárd Végh has been active in the capital markets sector for more than 20 years. Having obtained his diploma in economics (Budapest University of Economic Sciences, Financial Investment Analyst and Risk Management specialisation), he went on to earn several international qualifications, i.e., CEFA, as well as ‘VAP I’, ‘VAP II’ investment management certificates. In 2004, he started his professional career at the Budapest Stock Exchange, holding various, predominantly senior roles. From the end of 2013, he was the director of the Hungarian National Bank’s Directorate of Capital Markets and Market Supervision for 2 years, with responsibility for the supervision of domestic capital market institutions, market surveillance investigations, and capital market issuer licensing. He also represented MNB at the Board of Supervisors of ESMA. He is member of the BSE Board of Directors since December 2015. Richárd Végh re-joined the Budapest Stock Exchange in 2016 as Chief Executive Officer. Between 2017 and 2019 he was Chairman & CEO of the Exchange. Under his leadership, the Exchange developed a new service value chain supporting medium-sized Hungarian companies, making his contribution to advancing the role of the BSE in the domestic capital market ecosystem an important one. In 2023, he successfully managed the listing of BSE itself, which meant that on the day of its 33rd birthday, the Exchange was admitted to the Standard category of the regulated market.


Richárd Végh is a regular presenter at domestic and international capital market conferences.


Other important roles held:

Chairman of the Sustainability Section of the Hungarian Economic Association (MKT)

Member of the Board of Directors of KELER Zrt.

Member of the Board of the Investor Protection Fund (BEVA)

Member of the Board of the Federation of European Stock Exchanges (FESE)

Member of the Supervisory Board of the Alliance of Investment Service Providers (BSZSZ)

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István Máté-Tóth
Deputy CEO


István Máté-Tóth earned diplomas from of the University of Transportation (HfV) of Dresden, the Central European University of Prague, and the University of Sussex; he also holds a Certified Financial Analyst qualification. He has more than 25 years of experience in capital markets, including almost 18 years working for Credit Suisse, first as equity analyst, then promoted to head the Emerging Market Equity Research Business as managing director, later appointed co-leader of the European Equity Research area. Prior to joining the Budapest Stock Exchange, István Máté-Tóth worked at the Financial Conduct Authority’s UK Listing Authority for over 3 years, managing areas and projects related to primary market guidelines and policies in the United Kingdom. During his time there, he also volunteered as a consultant specialist with the CFA UK Career Development Committee, helping to establish the CFA UK Women’s Network. István Máté-Tóth joined the BSE in 2017 as Deputy CEO for trading and business development and has held the position of Deputy Chief Executive Officer since Autumn 2017.


Other important roles held:
Member, KELER Zrt. Board of Directors

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Katalin Sámel

Finance Division


Katalin Sámel graduated from Budapest Business School (BBS) in 2012 with a diploma in finance and accounting. Before working with capital markets, her professional career at PwC started in auditing, with a particular focus on insurance companies and other financial institutions. During those 4 years, she completed the ACCA international accounting training, achieving the highest marks in several modules from among thousands of candidates across the globe. She joined the Budapest Stock Exchange at the end of 2016 as Deputy Director of the Finance Division, and since 2019 as Director managing a team of eight. Achievements during her time at the BSE include leading the adoption of IFRS accounting standards for the Exchange as an organisation.


Other important roles held:

Member of the National Accountancy Committee

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Péter Gábor Nagy

Sales, Marketing and Issuers Acquisitions Division


After graduating from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration with a major in financial analysis and a minor in actuary studies, Péter Gábor Nagy joined the Budapest Stock Exchange and worked in trading for 3 years. He continued with K&H Fund Management as a domestic and regional equity fund portfolio manager for 13 years. The Hungarian equity fund he managed was awarded professional recognition by Privátbankár several times.


An experienced hand in capital markets, he re-joined the Budapest Stock Exchange in 2019, first as deputy director for acquisitions, and since 2021 as head of the Sales, Marketing, and Issuers Acquisitions Division of the BSE. Péter Gábor Nagy is a regular contributor at professional conferences where he talks about the benefits of stock exchange listing and the BSE’s services aimed at SMEs. In addition to his degrees, he earned a CFA diploma in 2010. As an Alumni member of the EVK College, founded by the students of Corvinus University of Budapest, he supports the work of the organisation.


Other important roles held:

Member of CFA Society Hungary

Varga-Balázs Attila_SBT_2861_negyzet.jpg

Attila Varga-Balázs

Trading, Business Development and Listing Division


Attila Varga-Balázs has been with the Budapest Stock Exchange since gaining his diploma from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences with a finance major and a minor in actuary studies. In over 25 years he has held diverse roles, first as an economic analyst, later managing various divisions. The Trading, Business Development and Listing Division of the BSE was created in 2020 with 15 members of staff, under the leadership of Attila Varga-Balázs as Director. He is keen to share the knowledge he has gained with future players of the capital market, as an instructor at training courses preparing candidates for the Stock Exchange trader examination. In the 2022-23 academic year, he was voted Instructor of the Year, one of two teachers earning the appreciation of students.


Other important roles held:

Chairman, KELER CCP Supervisory Board

Member of the BSE Index Committee and the BSE Trading Committee, as a representative of the Exchange

Visontai Balázs_SBT_3001_negyzet.jpg

Balázs Visontai

IT Development and Operations Division


Balázs Visontai graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in engineering management, later earning a second degree specialising in banking informatics. His career path has taken him to work with many Hungarian and international financial institutions as an IT consultant and systems integrator.


Before joining the Budapest Stock Exchange, he was a senior IT consultant and Team Lead of IT Operations Management for T-Systems Hungary. He has been with the BSE since 2019, first as Director of IT Operations and from 2020 onwards as Director of the IT Development and Operations Division. Balázs Visontai has earned various professional qualifications, such as the ITIL v4 Managing Professional certificate, and the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certificate, holds an ISO 20000 Internal Auditor qualification, and has featured as a speaker at numerous professional conferences (e.g., itSMF Hungary, T-Symposium).


Other important roles held:

Member of the Supervisory Board of KELER

Körmöczi Dániel_SBT_2366_negyzet.jpg

Dániel Körmöczi

Advisor to the CEO and Investor relations officer


Dániel Körmöczi has a diploma in International Relations from Corvinus University, Budapest. He has been working in capital markets for over 22 years and has held senior positions with KBC Securities, K&H Bank and Citibank, among others. At KBC, he was behind the launch of the DMA service and integrated brokerage and trust services.


He has held various senior roles since joining the Budapest Stock Exchange in February 2016. He provides active support to the listing of new issuers and is dedicated to promoting the Hungarian market to international investors. In addition, he plays a key part in educating younger generations and is happiest when he can introduce groups of students to the world of capital markets, the role of exchanges in a domestic and international context, and the benefits of investments. Dániel Körmöczi has been an advisor to the CEO since 2019 and has overseen investor relations since spring 2023.


Other important roles held:

Board Member of KELER CCP

Chairman, KELER CCP Operational Risk Management Committee

Incze Tünde_SBT_2037_negyzet.jpg

Tünde Incze

Head of Secretariat
Secretariat to the CEO


Tünde Incze holds a diploma in business and management from the College of Modern Business Studies (MÜTF, Hungary), and a degree from the Budapest Business College (BGF). She started her professional career in banking, serving 16 years with the Hungarian National Bank and its predecessor, the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority. Working alongside the chairman as well as in various specific areas allowed her to gain insight into the activities of the financial and capital markets, treasury, and insurance actors, and to get involved through supervisory and regulatory tasks.


Tünde Incze first came into closer contact with capital markets when she joined the Hungarian National Bank’s Directorate of Capital Markets and Market Supervision in 2013. In her role as professional secretary, she supported the work of the director responsible for the supervision of domestic capital market institutions, market surveillance investigations into insider trading and market manipulation, and capital market issuer licensing. She joined the Budapest Stock Exchange in January 2016 and has been providing professional assistance to the CEO as well as the management of the BSE. She is also responsible for the Company’s HR functions.

Hevér Miklós_SBT_2483_negyzet.jpg

Miklós Hevér
Head of IT Security
IT Security

Miklós Hevér has worked on IT security in the financial sector for over 18 years. With an original diploma in mechanical engineering, he was awarded an MSC in IT Management (2002) and an MBA (2005) from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration and earned his certificate in financial analysis (CeFA) from the Institute for Training and Consulting in Banking (Bankárképző) in 2010. Further professional qualifications include: CISA, Certified Public Accountant, CISM, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, ITIL consultant. Before joining the Budapest Stock Exchange, Miklós Hevér worked with the Hungarian Tax Office, ABN AMRO, K&H Bank, and the Hungarian National Bank. In his role with the latter, he bolstered the central bank’s reserve management and real-time transfer security environment. Since the spring of 2018, he oversees IT security for the Budapest Stock Exchange.