Before trading in a security of the issuer can start on the Exchange, the issuer shall submit an application for the admission of the given security to the Exchange. With the approval of the issuer’s application with a content specified in Regulations on Listing, the Exchange shall include the given issuer in a Product List – where products eligible for trading on the Exchange are indicated. After that, trading may start for these securities of the issuer.

Some of the issuers have different securities listed on the exchange, even several types of these, or several securities of the same type. The issued securities are typically as follows:

  • shares, investment notes, certificates and, as a special security, compensation notes, issued by the Hungarian State in the Equity Section;
  • corporate bonds, mortgage notes, government bonds, treasury bills in the Debt Securities Section.

Securities issued for a fixed term and automatically expire at maturity and they are deleted from the product list at the same time. Securities issued for an undetermined term can be also de-listed from the Exchange in certain cases. This may take place on the basis of the issuers’ request, or in a few specified cases, established in the Regulations on Listing, implying a deletion from the product list.

Issuers applying for listing their securities on the Exchange will have obligations not only in connection with the listing on the exchange, but also during their presence on the Exchange. This primarily means the fulfilment of certain disclosure obligations. Within this framework, issuers have certain regular, extraordinary and other obligations to provide information to the investors. These are included in detail in the Regulations on Listing.

You can find the list of the issuers at List of issuers admitted to the exchange.