As in previous years, the BSE50 businesses are from the widest range of industries—from the food industry to temporary employment agencies to robotics. While their stories often include risk-taking and tough decisions, it is hard work, innovation, purposeful development—and sometimes luck—that have ultimately led to their success.

Although they come from a wide range of industries, they often face similar problems. But they are united by something more: They know that commitment to sustainable operation, to giving back to their communities and the environment are keys to long-term success. As we interviewed them, we met leaders who, without exception, take social responsibility seriously and embrace and support important causes either through their companies or privately. This commitment certainly deserves praise, as well as thanks on behalf of society as a whole.

We at EY believe in a business world where long-term thinking is the standard and where business can play an important role in creating sustainable and balanced economic growth, one which every player can contribute to and which is beneficial for all. This not only means conducting business responsibly, but also using the knowledge and experience that we have gained in order to tackle the challenges society faces.

The compiling of this brochure was an occasion for a number of enlightening conversations with company owners and managers. We had the chance to learn their stories and how they are preparing for the challenges ahead. Most of them are already working on handing over the reins to the next generation who will take over from the work begun by the founders years or even decades earlier.

We have succeeded again in presenting 50 businesses that can be proud of their results. These successful Hungarian enterprises share our belief that the only way to go into business is with a forward-looking approach.

It is our hope that readers will find as much inspiration here as we did in compiling the BSE50 brochure. In the name of EY, congratulations to all the businesses on the list!