On 7 February, 2019 AutoWallis started trading with the ceremonial ringing of the BSE bell by Tibor Veres, president of Wallis Group and majority owner of AutoWallis Plc., Zsolt Müllner, member of AutoWallis board of directors, and Gábor Székely, investment director of the company. The event was attended by representatives of Kapolyi Law Firm and Front Page Communications as well.

AutoWallis Plc., formerly Altera Plc., is engaged in the retail and wholesale of vehicles, parts, and accessories, in service provision, as well as in short- and long-term vehicle rentals in Hungary and in the Central and South Eastern European region. The Group includes Wallis Automotive Europe, Wallis Motor Pest, Wallis Motor Duna, and Wallis Autókölcsönző, the joint, non-consolidated revenue of which exceeded HUF 66 billion (based on the Hungarian Act on Accounting) in 2017.